Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tall Boots Fashion In Autumn & Winter

Yes, tall boots are the favorite shoes of many stylish ladies, especially in autumn & winter. The autumn is coming to us, so it’s time to prepare comfortable and chic boots for the season. That’s not only for warmth, but also for fashion.

So I will start from some stylish photos and tell you that how they can match the boots with their clothes.

As I know, windbreaker or overcoat is the most common match with high-heeled boots. Do you think so? For that will show a slim and tall figure to everyone and win high retention rates. In autumn, that’s very fashionable match. If the weather gets more cold, you can wear a warm sweater or scarf. It will be a perfect match. Wearing a thick coat and a knee-length skirt is nice,too.

However, there is one point you must keep in mind. Not anyone can hold tall boots. You can imagine a short and fat women wear a pair of tall boots, very weird, isn’t it? And if you are tall and slim, then a pair of flat- heeled boots is better for you. Not anyone need tall boots. So, the correct way to wear tall boots makes you more chic and charming.

  Are you going to put a pair of comfortable and chic into your shoebox now?

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