Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cool Trench Coat Fashion In 2015

In this quarter, trench coats still act as a very important role of protecting against cold and shaping figure. With its various length and reinterpretation of classic element, different figures and styles women have more choices.

Actually, trench coats are the favorite autumn coats of majority people, especially fashionable women. I love it, too. In this autumn and winter, it’s also the most attractive single item. No matter inside dress, simple pants or elegant skirt, trench coats can match them well.

Classified with length, ten centimeters away from knit is the most common length, Which including Alberta Ferretti, Gucci, Burberry Prorsum, Miyake and Lavin etc. This length seems casual and cool. The ankle-high style are still very hot, such as Balmain, Christian Dior, these brands. Besides, to set off more strong and independent image of tall and thin women, the designer of Dries Van Noten tried “risky length” and designed a floor-length windbreaker style. About the detail, the belt , draw cord and lapel are still classic. Straight and wide modeling is relatively attractive, which deserves us to have a try.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Eight Fashionable Matches In This Early Autumn

Early autumn has come these days,except for the cool feeling in the morning and night,we can still feel the late summer hot when walking after the noon.So it’s not advisable to keep light clothes into your wardrobe.These eight clothing collocations can help you wear summer clothes in the early autumn.

Tip 1: Light windbreaker + summer dress
You only need to add a light windbreaker,then morning and night will be very comfortable.Warm sunshine is available after taking it off.Wearing a light pink looks young and relaxing.

Tip 2: Classic windbreaker + lace dress
It seems very fresh to wear a classic windbreaker and cream-colored lace dress.When walking in the avenue,you look elegant and demure.

Tip 3: Long sweaters + slim dress
As we all know, knit fabric is fresh, breathable and soft. Owning a knit sweater is very necessary in the early autumn. Simple and elegant color series are harmony with the atmosphere of autumn.With a pure high-heel shoes, your legs seems longer.

Tip 4:Baseball jacket + jeans skirt
I do think this is the best match for autumn outing.Wearing a baseball coat and a short skirt, slim and slender figure will emerge at once. You will be satisfied with the astonishing fashionable and young effect.

Tip 5:Long sleeves print dress + high-heeled shoes
When dating, you can try to wear a mature long sleeves shirt dress.That will enhance your quality sense.Meanwhile, short style can show your long legs.

Tip 6:Black series + animal style handbag

As is known to us all that black is not suit for summer.If you love black, then it’s your time now.To break the rigid of black,an animal style handbag is helpful. Other accessories, such as sunglasses or necklace is okay. It will keep you low-key and fashionable.

Tip 7:Retro wave point shirt + high waist skirt

As a retro style lover,you can have a retro fashion show in autumn. Wearing in this way, you are just like a neighbor girl, simply and kindly.

Tip 8:Simple leather pencil skirt + simple high-heeled shoes
It’s a right season to wear leather skirt. It’s more noble and extravagant than mini dress.Such match makes your feet more slim,shanks more slender.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tall Boots Fashion In Autumn & Winter

Yes, tall boots are the favorite shoes of many stylish ladies, especially in autumn & winter. The autumn is coming to us, so it’s time to prepare comfortable and chic boots for the season. That’s not only for warmth, but also for fashion.

So I will start from some stylish photos and tell you that how they can match the boots with their clothes.

As I know, windbreaker or overcoat is the most common match with high-heeled boots. Do you think so? For that will show a slim and tall figure to everyone and win high retention rates. In autumn, that’s very fashionable match. If the weather gets more cold, you can wear a warm sweater or scarf. It will be a perfect match. Wearing a thick coat and a knee-length skirt is nice,too.

However, there is one point you must keep in mind. Not anyone can hold tall boots. You can imagine a short and fat women wear a pair of tall boots, very weird, isn’t it? And if you are tall and slim, then a pair of flat- heeled boots is better for you. Not anyone need tall boots. So, the correct way to wear tall boots makes you more chic and charming.

  Are you going to put a pair of comfortable and chic into your shoebox now?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn Comes Quietly, What Are You Ready To Wear?

   Hot summer walks away gently, while cool autumn comes slowly.Are you ready to welcome it?

   Don’t worry. Here is a wonderful choice for you. A Tunic Half Sleeve Pleated Vintage Elegant V-Neck Dress. Pure color and long style is customized for autumn. A very charming dress, I was deeply attracted when I saw it at the first sight. Do you have the same feeling?

   As you can see, it is selected carefully. You will feel it is very comfortable, for the material is soft cotton and polyester. Puff sleeve and high waist design will show a tall and slim figure to you.

   Meanwhile, every color is available. For instance, the classic sexy black, noble extravagance purple, the fresh beautiful sky blue, the passionate warm red, the elegant calm wine red etc. You can choose whatever color at will. And such casual dress can be suitable for nearly every occasions.

   Last but not least, the price of the elegant noble dress is affordable. Come on and choose it without hesitation. Catch the chance and feel the beautiful season freely.

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